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Ok ok this requires a little bit of explanation! I am a big fan of Bloglovin’ and I use it to classify and follow hundreds of logs I like … not easy and very time consuming especially when I start to interact with the blogger but I like to communicate so … 🙂

To simplify this a little bit I have defined some category upon the content quality of those blogs … the highest level being « Platinium » it contains blogs that I am sure to have something great almost every time there’s a new post! Then I have defined « Gold », « Silver » and « Bronze ». Also other minor categories when I’m not sure of the classification or some blogs having issues to be updated and indexed by Bloglovin’

So today before the high heels I’m happy to introduce 3 Platinium Blogs I follow 😉

First of all please find Sandra’s blog: 1000 Maneras De Vestir; always elegant and smiling it is a continuous pleasure to discover her outfits!

Second (and honestly there is here no rating level as I have many more!!!) please find Ana’s blog: My Petite by Ana; feminine and very creative in her outfits.

And last but not least Teresa (Teresa Quiroga) who amazed me with her butterfly heels 😉 3 bloggers from Spain but my « collection » goes worldwide so please be patient (yes yes Paola I won’t forget you I promise!)

So this is it for tonight … and before I publish this post … and if you’re still interested please find … some more pictures of high heels 😉 Read you soon and have a great week !

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61 réflexions sur “Platinium blogs

  1. Have a wonderful long weekend!!
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent post and thank you for the comments!!
    As on this month, MyLyfeMyStory has been officially renamed as Harija Ravi 🙂
    Harija Ravi


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