Back from Vancouver


What a lovely city! I spent last week in Vancouver for work and hopefully I’ve been able to take a few hours for a quick sight seeing of this amazing town! I landed on Monday afternoon and had an hotel booked downtown. Very convenient and a swimming pool for me alone (at least at 6′ in the morning 😉

The conference I attended was located in the Convention Center, a fabulous building much more convenient than the ones I’ve been last years in the US but ok … there it was mainly organized in huge hotels.

Vancouver has a huge Chinese community so I went in the local « Chinatown » for a walk and also to relax in the fabulous Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden. So peaceful!

It was time to rent a bike to enjoy the tour around the Stanley Park. Mandatory stop to take some pictures of the totems 😉 The inside lake is absolutely awesome; when you arrive there … you stop talking to enjoy the beauty of that place! Amazing!

Vancouver is full of places to enjoy … also to eat, drink and party! If you’re fan of meat you have to go to the Black and Blue (seafood is also great!) and to have delicious antipasti with a perfect Italian cocktail while listening Jazz I recommend to spend some time at the Frankie’s 😉 I don’t have time to edit links but I’m sure Google will help you to find these fantastic places!

And as I’m a lucky one … the latest party took place in the BC Stadium itself!

Vancouver BC Stadium

… and …

… and …

… and …

It’s time … for some high heel pictures no? 😉

Hope you enjoy(ed) and read you soon 😉

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