Back from Vancouver


What a lovely city! I spent last week in Vancouver for work and hopefully I’ve been able to take a few hours for a quick sight seeing of this amazing town! I landed on Monday afternoon and had an hotel booked downtown. Very convenient and a swimming pool for me alone (at least at 6′ in the morning 😉

The conference I attended was located in the Convention Center, a fabulous building much more convenient than the ones I’ve been last years in the US but ok … there it was mainly organized in huge hotels.

Vancouver has a huge Chinese community so I went in the local « Chinatown » for a walk and also to relax in the fabulous Dr. Sun Yat-Sen garden. So peaceful!

It was time to rent a bike to enjoy the tour around the Stanley Park. Mandatory stop to take some pictures of the totems 😉 The inside lake is absolutely awesome; when you arrive there … you stop talking to enjoy the beauty of that place! Amazing!

Vancouver is full of places to enjoy … also to eat, drink and party! If you’re fan of meat you have to go to the Black and Blue (seafood is also great!) and to have delicious antipasti with a perfect Italian cocktail while listening Jazz I recommend to spend some time at the Frankie’s 😉 I don’t have time to edit links but I’m sure Google will help you to find these fantastic places!

And as I’m a lucky one … the latest party took place in the BC Stadium itself!

Vancouver BC Stadium

… and …

… and …

… and …

It’s time … for some high heel pictures no? 😉

Hope you enjoy(ed) and read you soon 😉

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104 réflexions sur “Back from Vancouver

  1. Ah Vancouver, I’ve been planning to visit the city for years and this post makes me wanna go there even more. So beautifully vibrant and multi cultural. There is certainly a lot to see and a nightlife is fabulous.
    I really enjoyed all the shoes. I’m obsessed with shoes, I suspect I have over 100 pairs in my closet! What caught my eye was a pair of high orange booties! That’s something I have never come across before

    Keep in touch visiting my page


    1. Hello hello … more than 100 pairs? Wow … time to blog about your collection then 😉 I’ve seen some fabulous closets already! Vancouver is a must do … far from my small little country but 10 hours in a nice 747 was more than ok! The orange foots are fantastic and very original … I’ll send you the reference once back on the page! Have a great day xx


    1. Thanks a lot Amy Ann 😉 I’ve been a lot to other places and cities in Canada but it was the first time for me on that part of the country … now just wondering … what’s next (after Italy for holidays) ? 😉 Have a great week-end xx


  2. I’ve enjoyed of every picture of this amazing city. I’ve always wanted to travel to this country but I don’t know the reason at last I finish in the Caribbean. I have take note for the future. Upppss! I almost forgot to tell you that my favourite heels are the white stilettos. Kisses


    1. Gracias Silvia 😉 I think it’s the first time I’m able to understand a message written in Spanish without using Google translate! It’s so nice to discover new places … and also new pair of shoes 😉 Have a great week-end xx


    1. Thanks a lot Len 😉 Summer is started here with very high temperature and no rain for weeks … but today it’s cloudy. Great time to post new pictures 😉 Have a lovely and wonderful week-end xx


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