Summer queens


Good afternoon everyone! Time for me to take a few minutes to write a new post as it’s been a long time; I know. Time management is important but when there are important deadlines at work … blogging must wait!

Today let me present, well in fact you know them already very well, the queens of this summer … the mules! They are everywhere, on every foot, in all colors and shapes …

I hope you’ll enjoy this gallery of selected pictures and be ready for the upcoming « Country blog visit » … my destination’s choice is made and I’ll do my best to post before going on holiday!

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92 réflexions sur “Summer queens

    1. Thanks a lot Esther 😉 It’s important indeed that shoes must be comfortable! I see many times a week colleagues being in high heels at the office and then changing them to another more comfortable pair when they have to walk! Have a great week xx


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