Tuscany: Pisa


Another day, another city! This time it’s Pisa and it’s world famous tower! But you have to know that it’s not the only famous monument in the city as the tower is only one of the four grouped building just next to the « Piazza dei Miracoli »:  there are as well the impressive Cathedral (Duomo) but also a remarkable Baptistery and a lovely (yes lovely) Cemetery!

Some tips: you can’t visit the tower with children under 8 years and the number of people is limited to 40 per cycle. Don’t stress and it’s possible to schedule your visit in advance but … but … but … there are two offices and if you only want to visit the Cathedral for free then you have to go to the one « behind » the historical buildings and you’ll have to accept the timing they will provide. If you don’t then purchase any of the ticket or combined visit and you’re free to go anytime (but to the tower of course). Also if you go by car and want to park for free have a look on the net for the « park and ride » near the stadium. Very well located, completely free for cars: perfect!

The town visit was more than ok; less people than in Firenze so this was enjoyable. Some building are remarkable as well and I chose the « #1 trattoria » mentioned on Trip Advisor and it was very good for a very cheap price (the white pizza and the sandwiches are perfect!)

That’s it for Pisa, now time for some heels and read you soon with the next posts!

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96 réflexions sur “Tuscany: Pisa

    1. Hello Rina, I hope you had other great places to visit. Not always easy to make a selection where to go or not. Next post will be about Lucca … some people told us not to go … we went there several times as we enjoyed the town and a great place to eat. Pisa has one part pretty crowded but the « downtown » was not and full of nice shops and places to eat! Have a great day xx


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