Tuscany: my name is Lucca


Good morning everyone and welcome to another dedicated post to my holidays in Tuscany. I don’t know if many of you know about Suzanne Vega’s song: My name is Luka (as it’s from 1987 …) but I have it in mind since I went there last month …

Lucca is a relatively small city in Italy, less known than many other ones but it has a lot of charm; even if our neighbors told us the day before we went for the first time that they were impressed by the city 🙂 As you can see on the first picture the city has still its protecting walls from the Renaissance! Great thing is that you can go up and have a walk around the city (or you can rent a bicycle as they are allowed as well).

Lucca is also the birthplace of the famous Giacomo Puccini but when we went the star was Robbie William who was on tour (pretty funny as I had tickets for his concert in Belgium few days before; small world isn’t it?).

A walk along the streets is one thing to do, and then climb the stairs up in the two big towers in the city: Torre del Ore and Guinigi Torre. Both are very different, but are worth the 200+ steps you have to take to end up on the roof. The view is fantastic as you can see on the following pictures (oops maybe I zoomed to much into some garden’s intimacy …):

If you know me you’ll guest that I’m about to talk a little bit about local food: you’re right 😉 First time we went we chose a « slow food » restaurant (mostly hamburgers) but honestly even if the place was very nice and relaxing we were disappointed especially by the poor service quality. On the positive side the drinks were very good and I think they have good knowledge of wines as the « Enoteca » looked very good!

As I say it ten times per day at work: be curious and learn from your mistakes! So the other days we were in Lucca (and we went back there especially to go to that place) we found by chance the Antica Drogheria; a fantastic place with a story 😉 Previously the horse stable of the villa Bottini next door, it was transformed in 1895 and since it keeps traditions: AMAZING. The food was simple but delicious and the sphere perfect! As I said before we went back to Lucca especially to eat there once more. Few meters further you can also finish your lunch with a delicious « Gelato » (ice cream).

There’s also a small botanical garden in Lucca. As we had tickets for both towers and the garden (combined activity tickets is the way to spare money 🙂 we ended up there in the afternoon and even if it’s small it’s worth seeing it. There was some sculptures as well; a perfect fit! At the end of the garden there’s a pond where you can read the legend of Lucida Mansi.

I think you got it: I enjoyed Lucca a lot and I can only recommend to go there 😉

Now … you want to see some shoes? Heels or here you are 😉 Enjoy!

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94 réflexions sur “Tuscany: my name is Lucca

    1. You should plan it 🙂 I can already imagine great photo shoots you could make in those beautiful gardens (I’ll show one very soon 😉 Glad you like the shoes, more than happy to share 😉 Have a great day xx


  1. Such a beautiful city! The renaissance-era walls are definitely unique!
    Adi xx


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