Tuscany: San Gimignano


Oyé oyé and welcome for a new post about the fabulous Toscany! This time I want to share with you one of its jewel: San Gimignano; a small village but so charming. Located south of Firenze you have to take either the « Superstrada » from there or small roads to get there; one big hour should be sufficient.

As usual I did my homework before and checked what were the activities to do there and I quickly found that wine tasting was (almost) mandatory! So we booked a guided visit of vineyards followed by a Tuscan lunch combined with wine tasting. You may have noticed that I like to use the « wow » word and once more … it was the case. The explanations and the visit were rather short but as it was not the first time for us it was not that important and I had more time to take pictures of the beautiful location and landscape.

The lunch was simply amazing! It started with a local soup with beans and « old » bread. No it was not liquid at all but it tasted so good (and I don’t like beans!!!) As I had no idea what was next I didn’t finish my board because I wanted to try other things! Then we were served a mix of local products as you can see on one of the picture (it’s cropped so sorry you won’t see everything) and it’s then up to you to create your own tasting experience. Absolutely delicious! The cheese with honey was perfect and their Chianti … ha their Chianti …

After the lunch we asked the owners if it was possible to take a walk through the vineyards to go to San Gimignano and it was not a problem as there’s a dirt path available… so no need to take the car (you may know what kind of nightmare it can be when visiting a small old village to find a place for your car). Now I have to admit that that walk was not simple: more than 35 degrees, some glasses of wine and a great lunch is not the perfect preparation for this! Great that we always take water with us when we’re visiting 🙂 And I knew that San Gimignano has in its wall one of the most famous gelateria: Dondoli who was several times world champion …

It’s great to take a walk in San Gimignano itself: even if very touristic there’s no stress at all there as everyone is enjoying a great experience! It was fun to see how many people are buying ice cream to get sit on the stairs in front of the church; ok we did the same 😉

So I think you got it: this is absolutely something to do when you are in that region. Oh a last quick tip: honey is so great that we dove back the week after to buy more 🙂

Now time for my usual « recap gallery of high heels » … I hope you’ll like it 😉

Read you soon and have a wonderful day!

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    1. Hello Radi; I think I will open a travel agency with all comments I have received 😉 I also grew up in a village; I could even say in a wood and I’m so happy now to live outside town! Have a great day and read you soon xx


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