Tuscany: Collodi


Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing fine and are about or have already started to enjoy the week-end! Another post about Tuscany: this time in a very small place called Collodi (near Pescia) but worldwide know for its emblematic wood puppet: Pinocchio 😉 We were not very interested by the thematic park dedicated to him but much more about the fabulous gardens of the Villa Garzoni that you can see on the pictures below.

As you can see on the first pictures the village is lovely and you can climb in it behind the villa itself. Not an easy walk but fun to do, even when it’s raining 😉

It’s romantic, it’s beautiful, it’s even interesting for kids as they can participate to a quiz to win some surprises at the end; at least if they have enough good answers and I can tell that even with Internet, Google and Wikipedia it’s far from easy!

It’s a pleasure, a delight to walk in this garden, to climb stairs and discover every time new atmosphere and fantastic point of view to take astonishing pictures. The museum at the entrance has a remarkable exposition with a timeline detailed with a lot of old documents and pictures.

Also, don’t hesitate to combine the garden’s visit with the butterfly house as even if relatively small it’s just amazing to be in a tropical room with hundreds of butterflies and birds! Explanations are available and make it very interesting once more for kids!

I won’t leave you without a gallery of heels … summer is slowly drifting away but I still have a huge collection of pictures to share with you 😉 Happy viewing and read you soon.

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