Tuscany: Vinci


Hello everyone and welcome to the last post about my holidays in Tuscany! Last visit we did was in the lovely village of Vinci; and I’m almost sure you all have heard about Leonardo Da … Vinci! So yes it was a trip to his home village, with very interesting exhibits about some of the so many things he did and invented during his life.

First a word about the village itself: it’s beautiful, small but so lovely! It was a sunny day when we arrived there and once you have parked your car you start to enjoy the place! Simple but so charming!

The « Vinci » tour starts with the first museum where you will learn (more) about his « civilian » inventions as well as his research on the human body. Previously you had the possibility to chose what you wanted to visit in the village but now it’s a all or nothing. Fortunately you can buy family ticket(s) 😉

It was not the most interesting but let’s be honest: it’s fantastic to discover the creativity of that genius and everything he was able to achieve centuries ago! The second museum (the one where you can climb up to have a great view on the village) is even better with a focus on military work but also transport, light and geometry. Leonardo Da Vinci was active in so many different domains!

One small « negative » thing is that almost everything is written in Italian with limited, very limited translation (you can grab a printed document in the first museum but you’ll miss many explanations). This is an improvement area as lot of tourists were a little bit disoriented and sad about it!

We then went to the church of the village (not so special) then took the road up to another part of the exhibit showing reproductions of some of his most famous paintings: The Cene, The Mona Lisa, …

And finally you end up in his supposed birth home (he had a pretty complicated personal story so no one is really sure about his real origins!)

To summarize let’s be honest: THIS IS A MUST DO 😉 A fantastic village (and the road to go there is very nice as well); interesting museums; a lot of culture in almost every domain …

I will end up this post with the usual heels gallery … have a great week-end and read you soon xx

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