Back from Vegas

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Good morning everyone! I am very happy to be back with you on my blog after almost one week spent in Las Vegas to attend a professional summit. The agenda was intense but I managed so spare so time for a quick discovery and for once to go to less known places of that city (aka I did not spent all my time in the casino’s).

So here you see pictures coming from the Strip of course (I stayed at the Cosmopolitan with a great view on the water jet spectacle of the Bellagio) but also pictures from much less known parts of Las Vegas like the designer’s area situated between the North outlet and the old Vegas aka Freemont. I really like the pictures with the Joanna of Arc’s church in front and the Bank of America as background! FYI detention center was open but I didn’t go in 🙂

As I went for several walks I discovered sometimes strange places like a bridge above the railway (just 1 railway for such a big city that’s just incredible!!!) when the longest train I’ve even seen was crossing under. Walking along a detention center is also pretty unusual and it reminded some GTA video game!

During the evening parties were organized and if the first one outside at the pools was not a great success (way too cold to stay outside and food was awful) the next ones playing casino games and then practicing golf at Top Golf were much better and more funny 🙂

It was also interesting to observe and discover local high heels trends … especially seeing couples going out for Valentine’s evening. Having no camera with me I decided not to take paparazzi pictures so I will now propose you a regular galley of selected but very eclectic pair of shoes 🙂

Enjoy and of course read you soon 🙂 And I promise that tomorrow I start to answer by backlog of your comments!

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82 réflexions sur “Back from Vegas

    1. Everything around The Strip boulevard is indeed really expensive but there are other areas in town which are much more ok 😉 It’s also a matter to search a little bit and not chose the restaurant with the most shining neons 😉

      Have a great day Kristina xx


  1. great pictures. I am sure you would have had lots more fun on Fremont st. that is where we go to enjoy shows, people watch and just let off some weekday steam. Hogs and Heifers is one of the best bars along with Troy. if you have ever watched Coyote Ugly and want to experience it go to Hogs and Heifers on 3rd street across the street from the Grand Hotel and Casino. Hope your next visit is better. also, if you want to visit a nice town, go to either Santa Barbara, CA, Pismo Beach, CA or Solvang, CA…You will Love them


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