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Good morning everyone and welcome to another week, already the tenth of 2018! Time flies isn’t it? I’m just back from a romantic and gastronomic week-end but this will be for another post (most likely next week as I already had the theme for this one)

And which one is it? Don’t you feel that winter is going away and that spring is popping-up day after day? So it couldn’t be a better timing than posting about transition!  Transition between winter and spring … transition between boots and sandals 🙂 Ok that’s only for shoes as many of you have already started to transition in your beautiful looks and outfits!

Now let’s be honest, for some of you it’s already much warmer while others still have snow! To give you an example it was -10C last week and today it will be +12C!

So let’s start with the winter gallery (I selected very recent pictures; no cheating between us 😉

And now let’s applause the real spring beauties 😉 And yes there are already mules and even summer wedges! Thank you all for posting such great variety of heels 😉

The latest blue sandals are just awesome isn’t it? 😉 The white ones are not bad either!

I wish all of you a fantastic week and read you soon xx

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