Relaxing week-end in Spa

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Not a winter view but this gives an idea of the beauty of this place!

Good morning everyone and welcome to this new post! As promised it is time to share with you a great experience from last week-end when we had the opportunity to enjoy quality time without the kids 🙂

I still had a gift from almost two years ago where you can chose an hotel stay from a list so the first step was to choose the right one: for me wellness and indoor pool are a must (even for business trip I admit!). Also as both of us like to go for a walk it was important to select a place where nature was not too far and therefore I quickly managed to find a 4 stars hotel in a hood with view on a lake, wellness, pool and two restaurants. An extra call to schedule a massage and we were ready for a two hours drive. Not very far but with snow and ice from previous day there were speed limitations on the highway.

The town of Spa is famous for its several natural mineral springs, and is also the location of mineral water producer Spa, whose mineral water is exported worldwide. The renowned Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, which hosts the annual Belgian Grand Prix, is in the village of Francorchamps near Spa. The first beauty pageant in the world was the Concours de Beauté, held in Spa on 19 September 1888. And the oldest casino in the world (picture below) was also opened in Spa during 18th century.

 And now let’s show you some pictures of the hotel itself. The room was simple but more than ok; all we need is a bed after all 🙂 Once checked-in we could immediately enjoy our massage and to be honest it was one of the best I had in my life! Perfect relaxing moment after driving and also great before enjoying a good salad. I will add that the breakfast at the hotel was really nice as well with a great choice and a superb room to enjoy morning’s sun and view on the frozen lake.

After the salads we were ready for our walk in the nature and it was great, funny and sometimes dangerous! Have you ever walked on frozen slopes? And when you try to avoid ice and put your feet on ground leaves it happened sometimes that we were just entering a mud hole … we were quickly dirty, wet but the beauty of the landscapes was worth it! We also appreciated the fact that almost everyone we met is saying hello and few words; we’re not used to this in our individualist country!

I wanted to go to the pool after our walk but it was crowded with … kids … so I had to wait until Sunday morning to enjoy it for me almost alone 🙂 We ended the day with a great dinner in a gastronomic restaurant: L’Art de Vivre (Art of Living if you want English translation). It was so good! We really enjoyed it a lot! Here are some pictures; I’ll let you guess what’s in the boards 🙂

Conclusion: a great stay; a wonderful place and we will for sure come back 😉

Oops I almost forget … you want to see a gallery of my latest picture picks?

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