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Good morning everyone and welcome in this new update from my blog. This post was almost ready to be published and for an unknown reason WordPress decided to erase everything already written and let me only with the title … is it because it’s usually hard for me to find it? Damn almost an hour lost with this! And even the draft post has been deleted. So let’s start and write again …

This week was really really busy as I drove about a thousand miles in three countries to attend different meetings & events. If I had been a tourist you would have seen this:

Now that you have an idea about the countries and the towns, let me show you more about the exact places I was:

A little different isn’t it? And not exactly related to high heels or fashion industry! Now don’t think it’s a nightmare and I have the worst job in the world … far from that! We managed to get to a great restaurant downtown Amsterdam: the Ron Oriental; very good food (and the Riesling was perfect as well)!

As this week I did not choose for any specific theme or trend it will be a mix of heels; I hope you’ll like them anyway! Have a great Friday, have a great week-end and read you soon xx


73 réflexions sur “In the mix

    1. As I live in a small country it’s pretty easy to jump to another one 🙂 I think my record was 5 in a day (not only traveling but also have customer meetings!) I hope you had a great week-end and I wish you a fantastic day xx


    1. You tried that not a long time ago if I remember correctly (it was black socks on black heels 🙂 … I’m also fan of good food so it’s important for me to find right places to eat as well 🙂 Have a great day Ivana xx


  1. So sorry, your first post was deleted. Sometimes such things happens to bloggers and I know how annoying this is. Thank you therefore for your effort to write the post again and I see you are really huge in travelling! Thanks for the impressions and inspirations!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    1. Hi Rena and thanks for your words 😉 Next time I’ll be more careful: offline text and then copy/paste into WordPress. I did the same for a big work project as I had almost 400 questions to answer in an online tool … without knowing the quality of the tool it was too risky! And yes I travel a lot, back yesterday from Amsterdam again but unlike last week weather was not great! Have a beautiful day xx


      1. OMG! I’m so sorry this happened also with the 400 questions in the online tool … but I know you are a quick worker and therefore I think you could fix it soon … Hopefully something like that will never happen again! And not nice that in Amsterdam this time the weather was not great … Have a beautiful weekend xx


      2. Hi Rena, for sure I fixed it … it took me some time to find the solution but Internet can be very helpful! So that work is now done, I just have to wait for the next « round » aka decision from the customer! Have a great Sunday xx


    1. Thanks Marieta and no worry … I started over and next time I’ll be more careful by having an offline version of my post as well! Time management is never easy but I’m sure you’re like me: happy when things are done correctly. Have a great day xx


  2. I once did the exact same thing! I worked and worked on a post for hours really, I was doing some last touches on my phone on the bus and then… It somehow got deleted! I thought I’m gonna smash the phone (but it was new and let’s face it – can’t afford a new one 🙂 and I never rewrote the post.
    Amsterdam seems great, I’ve only ever been there once on Shiphol, but I didn’t have time to visit any other place than the airport.


    1. Awful and it happens quickly on phones or tablets … computer should be better but never 100% reliable! Amsterdam is worth a city trip for sure as it’s a beautiful place with a lot to visit! Have a great day Dorota xx


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