Bom dia Lisboa


Good morning everyone and welcome to a new update on my side! It should be a happy Friday for everyone as week-end is of course about to start and for all friends in USA it’s going to be a special one as it’s Memorial week-end!

For me it will be special as well but pretty different as from tomorrow I’ll have 2 extra kids at home! Cousins of our kids are about to come home so it will be pretty intense! Very limited time to blog and read your articles I think! Who said already delays? 😉

It’s also time for me to close today one of the biggest deal I’ve worked on … submission of the offer is expected by Monday so I am now in the last mile, well last meters I’d say!

Back to the subject of this post: Lisbon, or Lisboa if you speak Portuguese 😉 I wanted to share another short (business) trip I had the chance to do and as always I try to « escape » a few hours to discover quickly where I am and also evaluate if it’s worth to come back later with more availability in the agenda (= holidays)

It started very well as I had asked my boss’ assistant to book an hotel room for me and she was nice enough to get me a much better package than if I had it done by myself 😉 Very enjoyable was the exclusive place for breakfast as you have a great overview on the city. Well … when there’s no storm! First pictures will show you the before/after!

I’ve added also dark pictures from the first night in the streets of Lisbon; I was there with someone who worked for me in the past and he had a great restaurant to try and I have to admit that even if the first impression was not great (we could not find the door to enter the restaurant as it was soooo small) when we started to eat it was delicious from the start to then end and it costed us almost nothing! Incredible was the couscous with mint ice on top …. fabulous!

As the conference’s start was early in the afternoon I had some time to discover the city a little bit. There was a park not far from the hotel so I decided to walk to that direction and then …

As you can see it’s very tropical with beautiful trees and of course very « green ». It’s the kind of place I like a lot, sitting on a bench and relax for a while! The walk in town was also very nice as it’s a great pleasure to discover the colors they are using everywhere! A word of advise: it is NOT a FLAT city, it is continuously up and down so be prepared 😉

There was a dinner after the conference, waterfront which is always a great idea and the place was fantastic but I forgot the name (this is when you don’t drive but take place in a bus, you don’t focus on details!)

So to summarize: my stay in Lisbon was too short for me to discover all the beauties and places this city has! The bus tour gave I think all of us a great overview of that beautiful place and I’m sure I’ll be soon back in Portugal! Weather in May is not always great so be prepared as well and don’t forget comfy shoes!

Speaking of shoes … here’s the long awaited galley 😉 This time … as the sun is shining for a whole week: mules! I posted last year a similar gallery but I had more so … here they are! Enjoy, happy week-end and read you soon xx



56 réflexions sur “Bom dia Lisboa

    1. Hello Dorota and first of all thanks for passing by 😉 I did not tried them in Portugal but I have a Portuguese friend here in Belgium who has an incredible address book where he (and me hihihi) can find best Portuguese food in Brussels! As I am fan of such things … you already guessed I’m fan! I’m now reading your Erasmus adventures in Portugal … afterwards it’s always fun but sometimes when you are living them it can be a little more difficult! Have a great day xx


      1. You should definitely visit again just to try it out and see all these places as well! And while you’ll be at it try to go to Porto as well. These places are magical!


    1. I got some private Portuguese lessons when I was younger but I forgot almost everything 😉 Lisbon is a great city, perfect for city trip! I’m sure I’ll spend more time in Portugal soon! Have a great day Yaramel and thanks for passing by xx


  1. All the best to you for the upcoming final deal! And how nice of the assistant that she booked that great package for you! I see you enjoyed Lisboa a lot – thanks a lot for the impressions as I have never been there. And for sure I love your inspirations with the mules as mules belong to my favourite shoes 🙂 Happy new week!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    1. Thanks a lot Miki! Weekend is already here … time flied this week that’s incredible … I’ll post about my stay in Amsterdam later as this time it was not only for business! Have a great weekend xx


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