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Hello everyone and welcome to another post which I assume will intrigue you at least a little bit! After reading it you will not only have learned something about me (other than the fact that I love high heels of course) but I hope you’ll start to think a little bit differently and maybe start to adopt the approach my family took to respect more and more nature and our environment.

One of our neighbor is a farmer, but a farmer of a special kind as she’s an organic farmer. Few years ago I still remember I had a surprised smile on my face when I saw her parents mowing a small field almost next to our house with scythes. It was warm and they aren’t young anymore! Very hard work! They were sweating a lot and I could not understand why they weren’t using machines like the other farmers. After a small chat with them we understood the approach, the methodology and also the passion in this project!

First year was a test, on a limited scale because starting such business is not as easy as starting a blog 😉 She had already some experience in another organic farm and was still receiving advises from there. She organized a small event when ready, invited all neighbors and friends and I played the photograph during that rainy but funny and very interesting day!

And it was a success! The economic model is pretty simple: you come, you harvest yourself, you weight, you pay … then once home (if you can wait to be home as kids are eating fruits very quickly, you cook and you eat 😉 It’s really a « DIY » or « Do It Yourself ».

She presented her business plan to a state contest and she won one of the first prices; this meant a go for larger scale!

Last year investment and preparation were done but you can imagine that being almost alone the whole time it was not easy at all! Hopefully weather was not that bad and raspberries, berries, blackberries were available as well as salads, carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, onions and much more!

Now back to 2018 the activities are expanding further, mistakes from last year are now lessons learned, experience is growing, ideas keep coming … and a few days ago there was an official « rhubarb day » with guided tour as well as a little ride with horses! Weather was warm, very warm but very enjoyable! You can see I have the chance to live in a beautiful place!

It’s now time for me to leave you but of course before … the usual high heels gallery! Another big mix (48 pictures) that includes many different trends and you can see that colors are everywhere! Happy viewing and read you soon xx


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  1. Organic farmers are doing a fantastic job. My sister in law’s family does organic farming. It is hard for them because other farmers around them use pesticide so all the insects come swarming to their fruits and vegetables but they are very persistent and true to their organic philosophy, I really respect that. My mother is allergic to all pesticides and really all chemical typically used on fruits and vegetables so I learned to be thankful for organic farmers from an early age.

    We also have such DIY farms & markets here, you come and pick the organic fruit and then it is weighted and sold. My husband and I once picked 20 kg of apples and we paid it a fraction of price, something like ten euros, really affordable. I heard of this guy who has a plantation of cherries. You can come there and divide what you pick, half to the owner, half to yourself- and you don’t have to pay anything. He makes profit by selling the other half. I think that’s a really wonderful way to do business. It can be hard to find part time workers to pick the fruit, so this solves that issue.

    Wonderful shoes gallery!


    1. Great to read this Miri! I really hope more and more people will do this! Before travelling this afternoon I checked home and collected the strawberries … in one word: yum 🙂 Have a lovely day xx


  2. What your neighbour is doing is so laudable and they are true role models! Here in Bavaria we have also a lot of organic farmers and I love to support them. But normally the farmers are harvesting by themselves and it is not like the concept of your neighbour that the customer is harvesting by his/her own. But this concept makes absolutely sense to me! Thanks for sharing and many success for your neighbours!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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