24 hours in Amsterdam


Happy Friday every one and welcome for this week’s update and new post on my blog! What a week, again! I drove back yesterday night at 23.30 and went directly to bed after a pretty intense day! And I thought today would be more « relax » while working from home but it’s not the case at all: customers and colleagues are going crazy today and flooding me! Is it because that the Soccer World Cup Started?

If you’ve already been to Amsterdam you’ll know that the center of the city has a great water network made of different « semi-circles » interconnected together and it’s a great activity to jump on one of the various available boat for a tour that will allow you to discover the city from a different angle. This is exactly what we did a few days ago, planned by our regional director as a team activity. But before that part let’s get back to the initial part of those 24 hours in Amsterdam … the travel and the local stay!

For me Amsterdam is something like driving 3 hours, depending the traffic jams; maybe in US people would take a flight but in Europe we are used to travel such distances by car of by train. As I like to drive and I love my car … you know which option I chose 🙂

This time several colleagues and I booked another hotel close to our headquarters. A perfect sunny and day combined with a great bar is awesome to have a drink at the terrace isn’t it? The white wine was excellent so we were enthusiast to stay there for dinner. Let’s be honest it was not tasty at all! Everyone being tired we went directly to our rooms; very nice room which is crucial to get decent sleep! The next day breakfast was quickly taken before going to the office. And once the meetings and presentations done it was time to take our boat:

Yes the sky was not perfectly blue and I did not use any special filter to enhance the pictures like it’s the norm on Instagram (I’m so happy to have closed my account there … I’ll write about that in another post) so here we are in the « WYSIWYG » mode; I wonder if anyone knows that this mean « What you see is what you get » 😉 Weather was really warm so we were all more than happy when there was a little wind! We jumped off the boat to walk a little bit in Amsterdam’s center; took a ferry to go for dinner to a place called « Pllek » that you can translate by something like « the place ». It’s in an industrial part of the city, I’d say that I would not walk alone there by night and you can see the entrance of the restaurant … how I haven’t mentioned yet that it’s 100% made of ship containers? There’s a beach outside so it’s a perfect place to chill and taste cocktails! Mojitos are delicious! Food is also on the vegetarian and vegan side; but there was also lamb available for who wanted to eat some meat.

Before closing this post and providing the classic gallery of high heels I already wanted to share with you a preview of the next location I’ve been. And again this time, and I swear it’s a complete coincidence, oldtimers were there! Happy day, happy weekend and read you soon xx

The long awaited high heel gallery is finally here …

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  1. I love Amsterdam! I love sitting in the square in the summer watching the world go by! I used to do a lot of shopping there before the Euro changed everything. I would go into H&M and come out with loads of shopping for next to nothing! xx


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