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Happy Friday every one and welcome for this week’s update and new post on my blog! As promised last week with a short preview you can now find a small recap of a day I spent last week in Luxembourg; a small, very small country but beautiful and also a very interesting one, not only for tourism but also from a business point of view!

Last week there was an important event in my domain and I was invited as speaker … did I already told you that I like to present and speak in front of people and the more there are the more I enjoy it? I discovered it when I was 18 when I had to replace someone to present and animate a show in front of 400, 500 hundred people; what a evening it was! And a great therapy when you’re born shy!

So back to the very small city of Mondorf-les-Bains, most likely not known for you but it’s a place having a famous reputation for it’s wellness and spa’s center … yes again I was in such location: you have no idea how I’m able to combine work and pleasure 😉 As a tip, if you ever go there and in the pool please don’t forget it’s salt water so don’t open your eyes like I did … I cried for almost half an hour! But it’s so relaxing to spend there quality time, especially in the evening after a long and hard day!

The event itself was interesting, several contacts very promising and at the end of the day everyone was invited for a great dinner in the Orangerie where we also could follow the opening match of the soccer world cup taking place in Russia.

Oops I almost forget … cars … yes here as well and again … there was another event in the domain about old Mercedes; less cars than during my stay in France but absolutely impressive models from the years 1930. So of course I took some pictures, and I was not the only one!

And now before leaving you here’s the usual high heel gallery 🙂 No specific theme this time but a great mix of beautiful, elegant, chic, summer shoes. I hope you’ll enjoy, have a great week-end and read you soon xx


70 réflexions sur “Mondorf-les-Bains

    1. Thanks a lot Maureen 😉 I’m shy on one to one (well ok it depends with who) but I’m really a shy person, I learned to live with it and daring helps a lot! I like old cars; I don’t chase specific events but funny I attended two already this year by coincidence. Have a great and lovely day xx


    1. Thanks a lot for your words Rena 😉 I met a coach few years ago and his most important advise was to focus on your qualities and abilities … I listened carefully and try to do like that. Have a great day xx


    1. Bonjour Audrey,

      Je serai plus vigilent si c’est un problème pour vous. Simplement j’attire votre attention sur le fait que le but des galleries de photos que je propose est de mettre en avant les hauts-talons (donc souvent je recentre les photos) et quand il s’agit de look complet chaque personne est remerciée, citée et son site mentionné. Au plaisir et une très bonne journée.


      1. Photo enlevée et discussion terminée. Je trouve cela désolant comme attitude alors que l’immense majorité des personnes sont contentes et me remercient de figurer sur ce blog.


  1. Wow – very cool that you have become comfortable speaking in front of large groups! I think that is amazing! Also, Luxembourg looks beautiful, I have never been but would like to plan a few days to visit. =)



  2. Ouch ! salt water ! I would live in this place and never get bored 🙂 . What a magical place and these blue and turquoise sandals are so pretty and stunning. love it


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