A little wonder


Good morning everyone and happy Friday! Yes you can notice that I’m back with my original words for a new post! Let’s try to get rid of negative feelings as the theme of this post is exactly the opposite! For once I had many different ideas about what I could post today but when you have different possibilities you must make a choice and a good criteria is to try to stick to the news as a post about what I’m going to talk about in two months would be stupid!

So let’s go and start with a question: do you know what’s happening in Russia right now, last for about a month and makes (most) people crazy? If you have no idea then have a look at the pictures below or continue to read as yes I’ll speak a little bit about something totally different than fashion or high heels: the world cup of soccer!

No stress I’m not here to explain the rules and be boring but I’d like to take a different angle from a very close point of view:mine 😉 So as you may already know I’m Belgian like a little more than 11 millions compatriots; at a global scale it’s very little and of course the country is not big either, « inserted » between France and Germany because of historical and political reasons! My country is still famous for several things (do I really need to develop about beers and chocolates among other things?) but not for soccer … but but but … this time we have a chance to realize a great tournament!


The group phase was very interesting with already three wins for Belgium and the next opponent, Japan, was considered by everyone as an outsider. A little voice would say that it’s a big mistake to underestimate an opponent! And indeed after the first half it was still 0-0 and if most of us was still very confident about a final win when the second half started … Japan scored twice in less than 10 minutes!

Japan first goal

Now, like the immense majority in Belgium, I was fully ready for another deception (you have to know that the same happened to Belgium 2 and 4 years ago during the latest tournaments) but then the wonder happened (well started to happen as it’s almost a multi stage wonder)! We scored a totally incredible goal from a more than 18 meters heading (new world record!) and few minutes later it was 2-2. Hope came back in Belgium … supporters (let say the real supporters but also everyone around because it became frenetic) started to scream and yell every time we had the possibility to score but also when we could lose because of an action from Japan!

As you know I live in a quiet place but Monday it was incredibly noisy and when, just before the end of the match, 30 seconds from the end, our goalkeeper initiated the winning goal and within 10 seconds Nacer Chadli made the 3-2 … I let you imagine how the crowd is reacting after such exploit! (and I also want to add a word about the incredible fair-play and attitude of Japan players and supporters: they are fantastic! It’s very hard for them to lose like that but they reacted with an incredible dignity: respect!)


During the match there were almost 4 million people in front of their television in Belgium to watch the game … and you can see from the pictures above how many are also watching all together where big large screen are set! The parties were long … the night was very short but it’s not important as people are happy … a country is happy!

And guess what? Tonight it’s Belgium – Brasil so we are going to have some fun again!

Thanks for have read this post … and finally … to get back to something everyone I hope is expecting … a super big gallery of high heels … when I put all these pictures together I thought it may be the best one for a long time as summer outfits and looks are awesome this year! Have a wonderful week-end and read you soon xx

58 réflexions sur “A little wonder

  1. Love these shoes. I do not watch soccer game much but I want to see the last game. We in USA don’t get the chance to watch life due to time differences 😉


    1. Well … now we know that France won … not a great win but they are saying that only the results matter … let’s be ready to hear them again claiming they’re the best … from now I’ll focus on heels again 😉 Have a great day xx


    1. Cool Janise 😉 Not always simple but it’s very possible to have great family time watching a game! I think next weekend we’ll combine the ‘small final’ (as Belgium lose against France yesterday) match with BBQ at home! Have a lovely day xx


  2. Me ha encantado ver el mundial de futbol del 2018 en combinación con esos zapatos originales y preciosos . Vivan los accesorios
    Un besos desde corbatasygemelos.es


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