A quiet week

Superb summer sandals from Martina Favaro (www.pinkpubbles.it)

Good morning everyone and happy Friday! A quiet Friday and a quiet week! Kids were and are still away while writing as they started summer activities and my youngest will be back tonight and the other two tomorrow. It’s also relatively quiet at work which is not surprising as many customers made their closing at the end of June and now are already enjoying summer holidays/break. Then in September everyone well be back and will start the end of the year rush! Meanwhile I’ll participate at the end of Augustus to our « SKO » aka Sales Kick Off.

Belgium is also coming back to a more or less « normal state » after the craziness of the World Cup. The defeat against France hurt(ed) but it’s life and we were all so happy after the victory against Brazil that it will help not to forget that there’s always somewhere someone stronger 😉 Tomorrow our national football (soccer for all US friends) will play against England for the 3rd place and then they will flight back to Brussels. Official celebration will take place with our King and then it will be a popular celebration at the Grand Place in Brussels. It already happened in 1986 and it was crazy!


Let’s now focus only on the high heels gallery 🙂 Again a lot of variety with many colors, sandals are very popular of course and many pair heels are block heels …. more comfy! I wish you a great, funny, happy weekend and read you soon xx

54 réflexions sur “A quiet week

  1. Congratulations on the 3rd place win!! I’ve been to Brussels and the Grand Place is sooooo beautiful!! One of my favourite places I’ve ever been to during my Europe travels. Your photos definitely bring back sweet memories ❤ Thank you again for the support on my blog by commenting. Returning the love and support as always! xxx

    The Faceless Style


  2. In France, Sunday night was crazy, people were shouting for joy, the cars were honking the horn , I could not sleep normally 😉 But of course Im happy that France won ;-)Nice selection of heels, I really like brown with gold details 😉


    1. The only country where celebration ends with dead people …. very sad, I saw footage yesterday on the news, they are crazy. Celebration by burning cars? I need to be careful next week when I’ll travel to Bourgogne 🙂 Have a great day Alice xx


  3. Hello my dear! Such quite days are very important – not only as from September the end of the year rush starts! I see you enjoyed and congratulations that you are the 3rd winner of the world cup! This is a huge achievement and you can be really proud that you won against England 🙂 Enjoy this week!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  4. Congrats on the third place. I was naturally happy that Croatia came second, but I was also very sad to see there were victims, injured and even dead people in France. It’s so tragic! I saw the footage and the violence and I was really saddened by it, by the fact that people living there (at least in some areas it seems) have to worry about their own safety. In Croatia fortunately there wasn’t even a single incident this year and I was happy to see that the celebrations were quite harmless but I’m worried about the future in general. Sometimes it feels like the world, and especially Europe, is getting less and less safe. My feeling about the soccer have been mixed for a long time…. I have to admit that. I used to get very angry at the corruption and criminal activities in FIFA, but I let myself be carried away by positive emotions this year. Now, however, I’m questioning everything. I remember that George Orwell said in one of his essays ( I read all of his essays) that the only thing to do is to ban soccer, that this game will always provoke hooliganism, but I don’t think forbidding soccer is possible….It’s a shame, for it is a beautiful game. It’s the people that are the problem, it seems.


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