Hello everyone and welcome for the next part of my holiday’s report in Burgundy! After a very calm Sunday spent in & near the swimming pool it was time to start to visit the area. First planned stop was Dijon but let me give you a big tip: don’t go there on a Monday because everything is closed! So we drove more than an hour for nothing but really nothing at all!

Of course it took us the same time to drive back (and obviously you’ll get another post of Dijon very soon as I could not not come back later!) so finally we decided to go to Avallon, at least for lunch and then decide what to do in the afternoon. Let me now give you a second tip: the food is not great in Burgundy!!! Yes it sounds like a big surprise but during the week we never found a restaurant where we can say that the quality was good. It was really below the average. We ate much better in Normandy, in Chantilly and in South of France … bad luck? Maybe! We ate 3 times in Avallon during the week, in 3 different restaurants all only one was more or less ok, the other two not really or even worse.

But you know me: find every time, everywhere what is positive! So we went for a small walk in this beautiful medieval city (it’s not a big town, neither a small village, it’s between the two) and thanks to Trip Advisor I already knew about a small museum: « Le Musée du Costume » aka « The Costume Museum ». What a surprise … what a fantastic surprise, what an awesome surprise! It’s beautiful, it’s wonderful, it’s incredible! Even the kids who had only the swimming pool in mind totally forgot about it during the visit!

Imagine a house, an old house but an incredible one. Imagine passionate old ladies who have collected over the years an incredible costume collection. And if you can’t imagine then please have a look at the pictures above and below! This year the theme is black an white and the good news is that I was allowed to take pictures inside (without flash of course but there was enough light). If you browse on Internet you can easily find pictures about previous themes (last year it was about flowers). The magnificent house is incredibly decorated with many many relevant objects and during the visit you can ask everything you want you will always get an answer, an explanation or a beautiful story around the costume or the object. I had read fantastic reviews about the owners of this museum but it’s so much nicer to live that experience yourself!

If you are looking closely you will find some pictures taken in a chapel. It’s because this house was once a catholic school. Definitely this house is filled with incredible memories!

Once we left our guide(s) we walked to the tourist office (this is tip number 3: if you want to plan visits in France you will always find such office in towns or villages with nice people ready to help you as much as they can. In Avallon there are special gardens and a walk around them but unfortunately they were closed in August so we went for an alternative: the blue path(« Le chemin bleu ») along a river named the « Cousin ». Maybe the first couple of hundred meters were not that great but after a few minutes you start to enjoy a great walk; not an easy one (wear good shoes as there are stones) as you need to bend under fallen trees, take care of mud, sand, rocks but it’s worth it as you can see in the pictures. If you want you can follow that path to Vezelay … superb village also planned in a next post so please be patient (you see how good I am with teasers) … enjoy current pictures … and of course the gallery of heels coming here as well! Happy viewing, enjoy life and read you soon xx

This gallery is very eclectic but with many beautiful different heels and still very summer oriented … watch out as it’s about to change … more and more bloggers are preparing for fall; do you as well?




38 réflexions sur “Avallon

  1. You know there is this science fiction novel I love called Guns of Avallon, it’s from a series Amber by an American author Roger Zelanzy…the main character in the novel has spent a lot of time in France, and he describes it so beautifully.

    The costume museum looks like a great place to visit. The costume collection is amazing. I love how they have arranged the dolls, it looks like they’re a bunch of fashionable divas frozen in time. Such a great idea to display clothes in this way! It makes them look so much better…..great thinking on part of museum curator.


    1. Thanks a lot for your words 😉 It’s very common to see lots of restaurants closed on Monday, a little less usual for shops and public places … but trust me … it’s possible 😉 I hope you had a great weekend and I wish you a fantastic new week xx


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