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Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great weekend. Welcome to the next part of my awesome holidays in Burgundy and sorry for the delay. I was last week in Toronto for the annual sales kick off of my company; more on that later if you want as I managed to find time to discover that great city 😉

Back to France and let’s take the direction of Bazoches. Bazoches is a very small village as there are something like 160 people in total but this place is very famous because the castle of Vauban is located there. If you have no idea who Vauban is shame on you as here in Europe he’s one of the most famous historical character from France.

Have a look at the picture below and you’ll have an idea …

Fortification Vauban

… Vauban, Marshal of France, was a military engineer and modernized the defense system of many cities in France. The style with different layers of triangles is unique. But in fact he was much more than that as I touched a lot of disciplines!

If you want to read more about him: Wikipedia link about Vauban

The good idea (our at least for us) is to start the visit of the castle when it’s opening at 9.30am. You can enjoy for you alone a beautiful visit full of interesting explanations (available in different languages & with a quiz for kids so they are nicely busy!) and take your time for the pictures! It’s not a military castle but Vauban used it with his engineers to prepare plans of fortifications so it was always busy there. Also, when you work for the king, you have the necessary money to make it beautiful. Here are the pictures:

On one of the pictures you can see not too far away the beautiful village of Vezelay; I’ll write about it in my next post as it is also worth the visit! On our way back we also discovered a hidden gem within the tiny village of Saint-Père sur Cure: a church with a unique architectural style: Flamboyant Gothic. It’s a mini cathedral and the level of details is really impressive. Unfortunately there are severe damage and I assume it’s very expensive to fix it. Here are some pictures of it:

Let’s now switch to the usual gallery of high heels. If wedges and sandals are still very present I noticed in several posts that boots and booties are coming back … fall is coming step by step! I hope you’ll enjoy; take care and read you soon xx



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  1. Vauban is so fascinating. I think I saw it in historical documentaries a couple of times. I’m pretty sure I have seen it at least once. Bazoches seems like a lovely little village…and with the castle and everything, it is easy to see why it is famous. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.


  2. Hello
    Bazoches is really a very beautiful and unique village. In Portugal we have a similar village called Almeida and is also a military fortification not in triangles but in the form of a star.
    The photos are beautiful. And I also love shoes, any day I see one of my shoes on your blog !!!



    1. Bom Dia Marisa and here stops my Portugese knowledge 😉 Thanks for your comment and indeed it’s the typical fortification style of Vauban that you can see in Almeida as well. I’m very happy you like the pictures … of course there will be more to come 😉 Have a great day xx


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