Happy Friday everyone and welcome for the next destination of my trip to Burgundy: Vezelay. I think I should start with an apology as when I had the first look at the pictures from that beautiful place I was a little disappointed: the pictures are not showing how lovely it is! Maybe it’s because it was not always a full blue sky that day or I may have taken bad pictures but it is like it is. I have googled a little bit as I also wanted to show you some aerial views of Vezelay and you’ll realize why it is a must visit when you are in Burgundy!

I think you now have a better idea why it’s so beautiful right? Built on a small hill, it’s a very strategic place as you can imagine especially during the Middle Age. during the 11th Century a Romanesque Basilica (St Magdalene) was built and for 200 years was the largest Magdalenian sanctuary. It is today recognized by UNESCO in its list of World Heritage sites. Needless to say that you have to visit it and spend some time in and around! The view is fantastic (and if you have good eyes you can see on the last pictures below the Gothic church from previous post!). The place is still today one of the most important starting point for the pilgrims walking towards Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle aka Way of Saint James aka Camino de Santiago.

The village itself is very small, less than 500 inhabitants and there are probably more tourists than locals 😉 As you may imagine there are several artists (it’s very common in France to have artists in small village, no idea if it’s the same all around the world or not?) and we also found the perfect place to drink a-perfect-tea (as well as great coffee even if the one I chose first was not available anymore) and eat delicious macarons!

So I think you got my message: Vezelay is a great place to spend a few hours 😉

Let’s finish this post with my usual high heels gallery … this week is a huge one as there are 57 pictures! Many different styles and several pairs are extremely stylish! I really hope you’ll enjoy, have a happy Friday and read you soon xx


82 réflexions sur “Vezelay

    1. Thanks a lot Rach 🙂 When visiting a new area I always try to find the right information to select the most interesting places to visit and then I never forget my camera (even if it wigths a little too much because of the 140mm objective 🙂 Have a lovely day xx


  1. Hello
    We are in coincidence today I am also with wedges ah!
    The place seems to be very interesting, I don’t know if this place is not spoken in the Da Vinci Code book, will it?
    Thank you for the sandals inspiration!


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