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Good morning, good evening everyone and welcome for a new update on my blog with this « special » post. It’s not that I have something awesome to reveal but as you know I am a big fan of communication in almost all ways and I’m still amazed how many times I read a comment on my site with the words « babe » or « girl » or whatever you want having a feminine meaning. Well the fact is that I’m not a girl, not a woman but a man 😉

Yes there are men who are high heel lovers or fans, probably more than women can imagine (or I’m still very naive)! I am the one at home who choose heels for his wife and I like to do that 😉 This misunderstanding comes because most of the time people are just looking at pictures and don’t read the text(s) on a post. I have to admit that from time to time I do the same, especially if the subject is not interesting or relevant for me but I always try to understand the « why » of a post and sometimes I had big surprise because you are writing about so many different things but also it can be very personal.

That leads me to another remark I would like to do: today I am following around a thousand blogs which is a lot (and this sample is broad enough I think to be representative when doing statistics) and most of them have comments open but I think that around 10% of bloggers are answering to their comments/followers. This is sad because there’s of course no interaction but it also means that comments are then only present for ego … so please if you don’t plan to answer comments never, I mean never write on your blogs that you will 😉

So let’s get back to this post, and what I wanted to do with it: first I wanted to have a little break from the post(s) of my holidays in Burgundy. I realized how many pictures I took and it could be boring to have 7 or 8 posts with the same theme (even if from your comments I know you like them …) and at the same time I had this idea when I could not sleep (it happens to me from time to time) to recap all the cars I had until now. Having in mind that I wanted a « man » post as well … bingo 😉

For your information the pictures you’re going to see are not from my own cars but are taken from the net simply because I can’t remember if I took pictures of all of them but the memories I’m going to share are true and mines 🙂

From left to right and top to bottom: the first car I bought was in 1995 and it was a second hand Fiat Tipo. Let’s call that car « the disaster » because it was drinking oil like I can drink water! It was a second hand car and I didn’t realize there was such a leak! I only kept it for few months and as I got my first job at the end of 1995 I quickly decided to buy a new one: a purple Opel Corsa 🙂 I had lot of fun in and with this car! Together we went to several trips across Europe: to Switzerland, to La Rochelle and Normandy in France … small but very funny, costs were very acceptable and I almost reached 200km/h with it … yes I know it’s not reasonable but I was in the hurry of my life! I kept it until 2000 when I sold shares in my company (ha the fabulous startup era) to join a big one where I got my first company car. I don’t know if the concept of company car is known to you but in Belgium authorities have decided to provide this advantage for several functions instead of salary raise (and to motivate the enterprises: less tax for them)

So my first company car was a Renault Laguna and it was a very nice and comfortable car, perfect when you have to ride long distance on the highway. There’s always been remarks about French cars about rust was a know issue a long time ago but it has been fixed for sure! The only big problem I remember is the broken turbo on Sunday evening and I had to drive 60 km without it (and I can tell that you’ve lost all power in the engine at that time) to bring it to have it fixed! 4 years later (the normal length of a lease contract) I had the opportunity to have my first BMW … it sounds stupid but it’s like a dream for young people to drive such car. The ultimate argument is that I had a function requiring a lot of car travel so I needed to have a good car 😉 Ok ok it was to show off a little as well I admit! It was also the first car I drove too fast and got arrested by the police, on a Sunday … in fact it was mother’s day 🙂 I still remember the speed …

I changed company but I stayed with BMW for a while … the grey 320d was more powerful than the previous one and really fun to drive but … but but but … when there’s snow and you have to drive out of your alley don’t be surprised to be blocked and then your new neighbors will have the fun of their life! No such problem when you drive a Volvo as they are made to behave perfectly when weather is bad! There was also plenty of space in that V70, a great car when you have to transport big objects! I stayed with Swedish car manufacturers and then moved to Saab. A great car as well even if the company was in bad shape already at that time. The Aero model was even better with incredible performances for such discrete car.

When I got a promotion I also had access to another car category … and when it comes to big cars, US ones are prime! The Chrysler Grand Voyager was like driving a ship! 7 seats and still lot of place, 2 televisions for kids, enough space to transport a full dressing … but also a very thirsty car! And should I mention the pollution level as well? When I had that car a new law was voted in Belgium and I had to pay an enormous level of tax for that big baby! It was time for a change … back to the Germans with a splendid arctic ice A6 🙂 I could enjoy that beauty for a few months as I had (again) planned a carrier change. It was time for me to join an American company.

I chose a family car again as with 3 young kids it’s important to have space (and comfort as well for the driver of course); I had little time before starting my new job so it was mandatory to pick a car immediately available and not wait 3 or 6 months for delivery (it’s very typical in Belgium to wait a lot for your car!). I had read very positive review on the Peugeot 5008 and I can say that this car is great when you have to drive for hours! Today it’s my wife’s car and we are still using it when we travel for holidays.

Two year later I was already back at work in a local company (no no I’m not unstable … I just keep on moving to better and better job) … back to leased cars as well … the temporary one was an hybrid … a Citroën DS5. It looks like a plane, especially from the inside where the driver sits in a cockpit with so many buttons! Impressive but I did not like the car … not a lot of space and hybrid was more a marketing concept than a reality! Thanks to my boss I could change and I moved again to BMW; this time with the super elegant Grand Coupe. With clear leather inside and a dark blue paint on the outside it looks amazing.

It’s now time to show you my already known 13th car (I already posted a picture of it in a previous post … do you remember?). I had to wait a long time before having it (in fact it was my first choice more than 5 years ago but because of jealousy of some colleagues the order was refused and blocked … grrrrr!) but now you can realize how patient I can be when I really want something 😉

13 - Jaguar XF

The Jaguar XF is a beauty 😉 It looks powerful and it’s « just » simply elegant! Some may say that it’s a car for old people but I’m not 20 anymore! Anyway I like it and that’s the most important isn’t it?

And you, which car are you driving and which one is or was the most fabulous and why? Please do share; don’t be shy 😉

Of course I haven’t forget the high heels gallery … more and more booties are popping up as we are slowly leaving summer to enter fall. Enjoy the selection and read you soon xx


79 réflexions sur “Ai Ai Ai CARamba

  1. I appreciate any form of support to my blog, man or woman! I am guilty though to not getting to reply to all my comments. I’ve had a hard year with mum, nursing her and then her passing. This has set my blog back for sure.
    This is a good reminder to get me back in the driving seat and crack on with those replies! xx


    1. Hello Laurie, please don’t feel guilty as it is absolutely not the goal of my words about comments! Life has priorities and I’m the first to get off the screen if kids want to play outside or there’s something to do in the house. Have a lovely day and read you soon xx


    1. Thanks for your comment Amber and I’m happy you like this car recap 😉 The S2000 was a beautiful car I remember it but never drove that one but well my cousin’s CRX VTECH which was acting like a go-kart as well 😉 Have a great day and read you soon xx


  2. Okay, I have to admit I thought you were a woman! I am sorry! I guess it is because of the women’s shoes and no photos of yourself. I DO read the text of your blog posts. I don’t remember reading a male pronoun. Glad you clarified. I also don’t always reply to the comments on my blog but instead usually go comment on the commenters blog. Or, if it is a direct question, reply. Fun to see your cars!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


    1. Don’t be sorry Amy Ann 😉 I should have an « about » page on my blog to make it clear from day one and you’re absolutely right … no male pronoun at all 😉 When I wrote novels years ago I learned how to write as a he, a she or neutral 😉 And I know you reply to comments (again it’s « funny » to see that people who are reacting to my post are the one doing things right! 😉 Have a great weekend and read you soon.


  3. Yes, unfortunately, it is true that many bloggers obviously never commenting back. It speaks in your favour that you belong to the minority of bloggers who are doing this and I know that you even read the texts. Highly appreciated, thanks for that. And I see you had already many cars and the car you own now is very beautiful! Like you I had also a lot of cars so far (18) and I drove like you Opel Corsa but also Audi and BMW 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a nice week. And as usual the heels you selected are beautiful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  4. Aww I think it’s sweet how you choose your wife’s heels! I’m sure you have a lot of inspiration to choose from with all of your heel galleries.
    Also that last Jaguar XF truly is a beauty; it looks so elegant and classic!
    Well, I do not have a car at the moment since I am currently in my final year of college and there hasn’t been a need for one since I like walking around campus. My parents have a Cadillac Escalade though and they love it…It’s fun for me because I get to drive it when I go back home to visit on the weekends. 🙂


    1. Thanks Maureen 😉 Time management is something complex, difficult but important … I remember my math teacher always saying to someone who did not prepare the exercises: every one gets 24 hours per day and it’s a personal decision to allocate time or not for a task. Almost 30 years later I still remember his words 😉 Have a great day and read you soon xx


    1. Hi Vanessa, indeed it takes time 😉 I am trying to answer by small ‘bulk’ of comments and I try to avoid a too long delay but it can be tricky. Again, I’m very surprise to have read so many people who are used to write back and/or post comments … my post was more for the silent ones 😉 Happy day and read you soon xx


  5. Ha- I had no idea you were a guy! But that’s awesome- and I’m sorry I didn’t realize before because I definitely try and read the text of blog posts, not just skim the photos.

    I try to reply to comments as much as I can- but admittedly, cannot get to all the comments on a post. I do, however, always go back and leave a comment on the person’s blog (if he/she has one) because I think supporting each other is so important!

    Le Stylo Rouge


  6. I think some bloggers do read the comments but they don’t reply on their blog but on the blog of the person who commented on their posts. I’m sure that there are those bloggers who neither read nor answer comments on their blogs but in my experience they are not a majority.

    Beautiful selection of heels…..It is interesting to read about your car experience. I have never really owned a car of my own, I typically walk everywhere. My husband has an Audi that’s as old as me, we’re both generation 1985.


    1. Thanks a lot for your comment 😉 I like to communicate and to exchange with people … this is why I’m such a big fan of blogs and comments are part of this. And now more and more people are also aware about my passion for heels he he he! Read you soon and have a great day xx


  7. I must admit that I too just assumed you were a woman, I do usually read the posts and can’t remember any reference to gender. I suppose this is something that is installed in our brains – shoes and women hahaha. I don’t generally answer the comments on my blog, instead I go to the commenter’s blog and read their posts and leave comments there.
    This is a great post, my car is a VW polo but unfortunately I had to leave it in Spain when I moved to London, but I really love that car. Great selection of heels, as always.


  8. Good looking array of cars. I had a number of cars too as I replace it every 4 years but sticking to Toyota (I know how boring :)). I want to get a Mercedes one day since it’s a childhood dream as it’s close to my name. Nice to know about you, it’s good I address readers as ‘dear’ as opposed to ‘babe’, maybe it can suit to a man too 🙂 Your post is fascinating, keep it up.


  9. Great post, it’s disappointing that a lot of people hardly read posts. So much effort goes into it and then almost everyone just scrolls through photos! I actually interact a lot and always try to respond to all the comments but yes it does take me pretty much all weekends.
    I love your story about your cars and that jaguar is fantastic! Xx

    Much love,
    Elegant Duchess xx


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