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Hello hello and a happy Indian summer Friday! The weather is absolutely incredible here in Belgium as today it will be 23 Celsius and we are expecting 26 tomorrow! So no summer is not over yet … what is strange is that days are already short and it’s dark at 7.30 pm! And in the meanwhile there’s flooding in Mallorca, Sardegna and chaos in Florida … very sad!

I wanted to share with you two other castles we have been visiting during our stay in Burgundy; yes you can see how active we can be in just one week! Those have less luxury than Bazoches but they are very interesting and still owned by the original families!


Let’s start with the first one: Chastellux; a castle from the 11th century (at least the first tower was built in 1080). Surrounded by a beautiful park where you can walk freely it’s a very interesting place as you can imagine. Most likely the area was already occupied long before as many Roman objects have been found but the owners don’t want to search more as it could damage the castle and … they want to leave in peace 😉 Annoying fact is that you’re not allowed to take pictures inside so the only ones you’ll see here are from Google.

As you can imagine this place is full of stories … some members were a little bit crazy and spent too much money so they decided to cut all trees around and to sell them … it took time to get it green again! The castle is also « famous » to suffer a big fire almost every century! The last one was in 1975 and destroyed a big part of the castle. We were told that the available budget allows the owner to repair/fix/rebuild 2 rooms per year … now if you know than more than 60 rooms have been damaged you can imagine how long it is! As you can see below the beautiful park is fantastic to take great pictures!

The second castle is located in the village of Commarin and we parked our car in front of the beautiful old laundry place. It was very very very warm that day and I had no energy to go for a walk in the park of that castle … the fact that there were not a lot of trees and therefore no or little shadow did not help to motivate either! There was an art exposition in the park at that time but I only caught the first statue 😉

You can only visit the wings of this castle as the rest is still today occupied by its owners. Rebuilt in the 17th century it was the particularity to be … on water! Yes it has a wood pile structure … like the palaces in Venice! One other great thing about this castle is that it was spared during the French revolution: no looting at all even if the Marquis (not sure if it was a Marquis or a Duke …) was arrested three times, the villagers have protected the castle and requested the Marquis to be released. So the furniture in the castle are still original from that time! Awesome isn’t it? And best has yet to come 😉

The right wing contains the kitchen … and if your fan or familiar to Downtown Abbey … you will recognize some elements like the wires and bells! And if I remember correctly the kitchen was used until the year 1970!

The left wing started with the visit of the family chapel … still used today! Small but pretty! After that you had to wear plastic wrap for your shoes to be allowed to visit the other rooms … here they are (pictures are not reflecting the order of the visit)! The boar’s head and the rooster are made to keep food warm … I found these very ugly but originals as well 😉 Some rooms were decorated but huge tapestries … made in Belgium as we were experts in that domain! The main room is the entertainment room …  where family and guest acts (the stairs you can see are leading to the main « stage »); there’s of course a piano and luxury seats to relax and have some tea … like the Queen of England who visited the castle!

The canopy bed is beautiful isn’t it? Personally I’m also a huge fan of the secretary desk and the clock (unfortunately not working anymore). The last piece to visit is the library which contains valuable books.

It’s not time to close these posts about Burgundy .. I hope you liked them and of course before publishing this post I’m still going to add a high heel gallery 😉 Have a great Friday, week-end and read you soon xx



17 réflexions sur “Burgundy final post

  1. Yes, the weather is unbelievable and sad at the same time, too …
    Thank you for sharing your final Burgundy post! You know, I love old castles and when I see such kitchens I really think about how and what they cooked during that times. And I think at least in winter it was not really warm in such castles …
    Happy start into the weekend!
    xx Rena


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