Normand’heels :)


Here we are … finally! After a week spent in Normandy it’s time for me to post several pictures of the fantastic time we had! First of all I’d like to recommend our hosts Yann and Hervé in their fabulous Domaine de la Pommeraye! I chose this place based on internet searches and references and I have to say that we had the « wow effect » once we arrived there! The location is amazing, just outside a very small village in the heart of the « Suisse Normande »; it’s quiet, peaceful, adorable! They propose different rooms and we got the apartment (we were 5 in total) which is maybe a little less romantic but has the advantage to offer a lot of space. The pictures from the inside are from the apartment only, please go to their website if you want to see the other rooms. Last but not least … it’s a wellness center!!! So everyday we could use the pool but we also took some time to enjoy some massage and I have to say it was more than ok! Several times I’ve been disappointed but not this time, not at all 😉

We went to the famous Mont Saint-Michel. There was a lot of wind so it was pretty cold, almost freezing but once inside you can enjoy the sunshine and a much better temperature! We went there for the last time more than ten years ago and it changed a lot. You have to park your car more than 3km from the mount and then you can choose to walk, take a bus (free of charge) or to go by horse (5.3 euros per ticket). We visited the mount from bottom to top; luckily for us it’s not the high season yet but there were already a lot of tourists. The food is therefore not that great and the service … well … bad!

In the neighborhood of our location stands the lovely village of Clecy. It’s the place to be when the sun is shining as you can do several water-sports there ; as a family we went for … pedalo 🙂 It was great and you have several small restaurants where this time the food is much better! In Clecy you can also visit the exposition of model trains (the second biggest in Europe). Perfect when you have kids!

Caen is only 35 minutes drive from La Pommeraye so it was easy to go there and spend some hours. We visited some well known places and ended up in a very good Italian restaurant (La Buena Tavola).

And last but not least … Normandy is famous for his horses so we went to one famous horse stud (?) (in French a Haras): Le Haras du Pin. Twice a week you have the opportunity not only to go to the show but also to visit everything from the inside and to discuss with the artists and ask all your questions. Children could bring the horses to the scene so it was a perfect moment for them.

So as you can see and read … it was more than ok and I recommend such a trip 🙂

Of course … if you were waiting for some high heels pictures … here they are 🙂

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