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Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying a great day! Winter is coming in my country as the first snow is announced for tomorrow or Sunday. Kids will be happy, car drivers a little less 🙂

Like many time I had issue to find the title of this post! I knew I wanted to put in front some bloggers from US but what to chose? « Make American High Heels Great Again » or « High Heels We Can »? Sounds very political but it’s on all medias right now with the « One year after the election » topic but finally I decided not to chose one of these and have a third one the winner 😉

So let’s start with Len from the web site The Len Parent Style. She lives in Texas and is an incredible positive person; you can immediately see it on her pictures. I find she has an amazing style; very colorful and a superb taste when it comes to high heels 😉

Let’s move to New York to meet Helena from Brooklyn Blonde; a very well known site with thousands of followers on Bloglovin including me for years 😉 She has a great style: she’s using less colors than Len but she’s always elegant it’s a continuous pleasure to discover her new posts!

Let’s now move the the other coast to discover Sydne from Sydne Style; another awesome blog from an awesome person 😉 I can’t remember how many times I already had the « wow » effect when I discover her outfits. She’s always right when it comes to create an amazing outfit; she can change style completely but will keep the same level of excellence!

There are of course many many many other blogs to discover but I try to limit the selection I make per post 🙂 So if you are not listed yet … please give me some time as I need it to create content 😉

Speaking of content … here’s a melting pot of high heels pictures I’ve seen the last days … I hope you’ll enjoy them and read you soon 🙂

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49 réflexions sur “I have a dream …

  1. These shoes are all gorgeous, but I find myself being more drawn to the ankle boots, which is kind of pointless as winter dawns on Wales. However, give me any boot in a shocking red colour and I will be sold!

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