Retro heels!


Good morning everyone, I hope you’re full of positive energy and ready for the Christmas rush 🙂 It is also busy on my side but for another reason: I signed for a new job! As you may know or not I an totally not related to the fashion industry and this blog is for pure pleasure but I had the opportunity to join a great company and work again with someone I appreciate a lot so here I am. As well I will travel a « little » more again and in 2018 I can already plan trips to US and Canada 😉

So what’s the link with this post? It comes … as I had to write a resignation letter and being a lazy person I decided to plug an old backup drive to find my previous resignation letter and use the « search and replace » function to be ready in 30 seconds. But but but … being also a curious person I browsed the content of that drive and I found the first (?) collection of heels I started in …. 2010!

So I think it’s really retro heels that I propose here to you 😉 I am very curious to read your reaction about those pictures! In the meanwhile have fun and read you soon xx

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