Chantilly day 1


Hello everyone and happy Monday! As usual I’m late when it comes to new posts on this blog but I have really good excuses 😉 Work and holidays! And as I am a big fan of time management I have to admin that those two are higher in my list of priorities so sorry: you have and you must be patient! But it should be worth it as I will share with you many pictures from the small family trip I did last week in France.

Now to start with a stupid but true joke imagine you’re busy doing some last minute shopping when you get a reminder on your phone saying that the show will start in one hour. The show you booked tickets two months ago; the show kids can’t wait to see and of course you’re still a good three hours drive from there. Stupid isn’t it? Well it happened to us so yes I was not really happy about that and yes you’ll have to wait to see the pictures of that show as the first thing we did when we arrived in Chantilly (now you know our destination in case you missed the title) was buying tickets for Sunday’s show.

Also as we had to wait until 6.00 PM to get access to our « apartment » (in fact it is the dependency of a bigger house) we took the opportunity to visit the famous and beautiful castle of Chantilly. It was Easter holiday but not a lot of people in there so it was convenient for us to be able to discover the treasures inside those big walls! I won’t start long descriptions here but I let you enjoy some pictures I took there.

Some pictures from the outside; weather was not great (yet)!

Fantastic art collections, paintings, objects: the Duke of Aumale was really someone!

After this very nice visit and to close day one we went to a restaurant I selected from the very famous TripAdvisor. I know I know … how can you be sure the comments are true and the reputation is real? Well I usually avoid the top #1 especially if only positive critics are available! Instead I focus on the top tier where mixed feelings are reported and I want to be sure that many different people wrote. It’s now very easy to find duplicate comments or people writing several times the same thing of a part of it. So I finally selected an Italian restaurant and it was really, really good! Very nice welcome, great antipasti and the plates were also delicious and cooked with great ingredients! Desserts were also more than ok! They also offered us to taste some unknown wines: delicious! To summarize: kudos to « Il Gritti » in Chantilly!


I almost forgot the last part of ALL my posts … a gallery of selected heels 😉 This time no particular theme but you can easily see that spring is back with more sandals and even some mules. Happy viewing and read you soon (I know I still have a lot of comments to answer; remember time management 😉


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    1. Thanks for reading me Rena 😉 I noticed I’m not the only one as last Wednesday I attended a musical event and two people had both tickets with the same seat … unfortunately for one of them it was not the right day! Have a great week xx


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