Livin’ on the wedge

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Good morning everyone and welcome for another sunny day, even if it’s probable the last of the week here! But I’m not going to complain as we have had so far a fantastic week and my garden still remembers yesterday’s barbecue!

I deeply apologize as this post should have been online for a year (and this time I immediately found the title based on the famous Aerosmith song) but I delayed and delayed it. It would have been stupid to have it posted during winter so I had to wait for spring at least! And here we are: between the floral outfits or simply the flowers 😉 , between the pink and pastel colors, between the culottes and all other trends here are the wedges!

To me their original goal is to be comfortable but as you will see in a minute it is not incompatible with elegance and style! Now if you want a little bit of culture let’s read what Wikipedia mentions about wedges:

Wedge are shoes and boots with a sole in the form of a wedge, such that one piece of material, normally rubber, serves as both the sole and the heel. This design dates back to ancient Greece.

Wedgies for women are more common and often have a sole that is much thicker at the back than at the front, making them high-heeled boots or shoes. Wedgies for women were popularized by Salvatore Ferragamo, who introduced the design to the Italian market in the late 1930s.

Hum ok so from now I will have to write wedgies and not wedges anymore? 😉 Anyway it’s time I leave you with the classic gallery as today (in fact the whole week) I have a lot of work to do and deadlines to meet! Happy viewing and read you soon xx


76 réflexions sur “Livin’ on the wedge

  1. Wow! Such a beautiful collection of platforms and high heels! I love them! Thank you for your excellent stylisth tips and images. There is a beautiful platforms collection here


  2. I love anything with pearls😍
    I really hope you had the chance to enjoy your sunny days, as here is Dubai it is sunny 24/7.
    Have a great Weekend!


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