Royal Greenhouses

Good morning everyone and welcome to this just before the weekend update! Honestly I had no time before this week to write here and I know I have an impressive backlog in terms of comments to reply … I’m so sorry for that; I’ll try to free some time but my agenda is full, full, full! This week I was again in Amsterdam and as we had great activities there … I have pictures to share with you … next week for sure as for the post of today I have decided to show you one jewel of the Belgium’s crown: The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken.

It’s a beautiful place, absolutely perfect if you like nature, flowers and plants but it’s only open few weeks per year (usually April and May) so there’s a lot of people who want to take the opportunity to visit them and it’s then very crowded! The architecture is pretty unique as well so it’s also worth to have a look at it! Please enjoy these pictures and I’m very curious to read your feedback about this!

Of course I won’t let you without a great gallery of high heels! This week it’s again very eclectic but I can feel that summer is there or almost there! Happy viewing!

80 réflexions sur “Royal Greenhouses

  1. hello dear! I’m glad I’m on your blog 🙂 I come to read, you write very interesting and inspiring. I really like your post and I can not wait for the next one 🙂 I had to translate words because I speak and write and I read in Polish but I understood a lot 😀
    kisses from Poland :*


  2. What a beautiful place. Since it’s open for such a short time, I love that I got to see it through you! I don’t know when I’ll ever make it there! Thanks!


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