Forza Italia!

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I’m a man of my word 🙂 So here I am with a second article about fabulous blogs I follow. And this time I have selected 3 bloggers from one of the most lovely country in the world: Italy.

First of all, Paola from Express Yourself. Paola is an amazing person and her blog is like her: welcome in her universe full of travel and different style but never losing charm and femininity! She’s also my favorite tour guide as every article contains interesting explanation about the place where the photo shoot is made.

Next to Paola let me introduce Martina from Pink Bubbles. A blog full of lovely outfits, filled by Martina’s natural elegance 😉 I can only encourage you to visit her blog 😉

And last but not least: Alessia from The Chili Cool. I know this blog for year and I’ve always been delighted by the outfits she is proposing to her followers 😉

So … if I stick to post by country which one should be the next one? I could start a poll about this 😉 And if you’re still hungry here is my usual collection of heels 😉 I have to admit that my folder keeps growing so I know that I should post a little more but I need time!!! Happy viewing reading and enjoy a lovely week-end 😉

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64 réflexions sur “Forza Italia!

  1. hello,thanks for sharing such nice post…Viva l’Italia,W Italy!…the Country of the great Beauty & Art…of course Fashion is Art and these Stunning,Fabolous,Gorgeous Italian Fashion Bloggers are such great Artists of Style!…their Style is charming & breathtaking…they’re three Queen of the Kingdom of Fashion!…arent they? 😉
    by the way,another Country of Great Beauty & Art maybe is U.K.!…ciao!


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