First anniversar’heel

___ oneyearanniversary

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday! Sun is shining … temperature is close to zero so yes it’s freezing but we’re not here to discuss about the weather right?

So this blog is now celebrating its first anniversary (to be honest it’s « almost its anniversary » because I opened it more than a year ago but let say it became really active in the beginning of February 2017 when I started to comment on blogs and posts I liked. And then all of a sudden visitors came and audience kept growing and growing 🙂 And as I like reading and writing comments I kill continue like that!

I have no plan to monetize this blog, I do it for fun but I can enjoy when I see the automatic message from WordPress saying that my blog is getting popular. I’m very curious to know a little bit more about the stats of your own blogs so if you want to share … please do 😉 On my side I now have around 80 « official » followers (combining WordPress and Bloglovin) and something between 4 and 5 thousands hits per month. As I’m not a great fan of social medias I don’t post there nor try to get thousands of followers on Instagram by example.

For today’s gallery I wanted to have colors in it so I focused my selection on a wide variety of them and therefore of shoes. I hope you’ll like them and as usual I’d say … read you soon xx

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