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Good morning everyone and happy Friday! I hesitated about the title of this one as « Back to the Future » was also possible 😉 I will be turning 45 in a few days and I had this idea to get back 25 years ago and to remember « how it was in 1993 » … because many of you were not yet born or were just babies or kids.

Let’s start unfortunately with something sad: the day I turned 20 our King died. I can’t say that I am or was close to the monarchy but it was really a shock when you plan to party to celebrate your 20th birthday but the whole country is sad and quiet!

Baudouin 1993

The 90′ have been crucial in terms of geopolitics and 1993 was no exception with the arrival of President Clinton and the Nobel Peace prize awarded to Nelson Mandela.

One of the interesting thing is that during those years Belgium was the center of the world for some music styles: Dance, Techno, New Beat, Acid … it was really the golden age and all over the country (well in fact in the Flemish part) there were many very famous « clubs » like the Boccaccio and the Cherry Moon. Unfortunately because of drug problems many were closed in 1993. One exception to this trend was the opening of the Cap’Tain which is still open today!

1993 was very, very rich from a musical point of view (MTV was still a musical channel at that time). There was this huge hit by Whitney Houston and if you start to read these words I’m sure you can already her the song 🙂 And I(iiiiiii) will always love you (ou ou ou) 🙂 And maybe you remember a guy called Snoop Dogg with his friend Dr Dre and maybe also the summer hit from Snow with Informer.

Transition is easy from music to movies. During those years I was almost every weekend in a theater to watch movie before going out (you’re never tired when you’re young!) so here are some movies from 1993: yes Jurassic Park was only beginning its carrier and is still there 25 years later … Dracula an instant classic but also Hot Shots 2 that I remember very well as I non-stop laughed when I saw it for the first time.

Now if you are curious about technology … no DVD yet, of course no Blue-Ray … it was still VHS (rented) to see a movie at home and you had to wait for months to be able to see it (there was a huge delay to protect the theaters). It’s crazy how this changed!

Below some REAL pictures of IT world and Internet in 1993 … scary? No it was a great time as everyday was a new adventure! And yes you can see a mobile phone (no it’s not a smartphone, just something to call someone); on the left it’s a « personal assistant » (and of course there’s no color on the screen) … Polaroïd was very « in » (now it’s great vintage » and the walkmans were on every ears!

Awesome no? I hope you realize what has been accomplished over the last 25 years 🙂

Now … before I stop writing let’s go the the heels … I haven’t pictures from 1993 sorry for that 😉 But I wanted to post (I already did a few times already I know) old pictures … this time from 2011. I hope you’ll enjoy and read you very soon to celebrate! Happy Friday, happy weekend xx


45 réflexions sur “Back in time

  1. I remember the times when MTV was still a music channel too. Walkman on everyone’s ears….those were the days. I loved Whitney’s songs, she was such an amazing singer and performer…and I loved her films too. She only starred in a few, but I think she was a pretty good actress. Just like Janet Jackson, she was they call a triple treat- someone who is equally good at acting, singing and dancing.

    I loved the shoe trends of nineties and eighties and I’m happy to see many of them becoming trendy again.


      1. yes, I even read some study that claims that our grandparents were on average smarter than us because they had to be more resourceful, they didn’t have thing served up to them…what will happen with the new generations, I sometimes wonder? How resourceful will they be?


    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 I think I started my first real web project in 1996 but I had no idea this kind of site would be called blog one day 🙂 Digital pictures was just at the beginning as well … resolution was poor and pictures quality … awful! Best solution at that time was to take normal pictures and have a good color scanner … quality was better but it was very time intensive! Have a great day and for sure I’ll visit your blog as I follow you :] xx


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