Hello every one and welcome for the 100th post of this blog! Well if I want to be completely honest it’s already number 101 as I posted a quick « On holiday » just before leaving for Burgundy last week. As you may have guessed I’m back home, but just for a few days as I will be abroad again next week!

In the meanwhile I also turned 45 on the first of August and this afternoon it will be party at home to celebrate … yes this is summer … this is holiday … fun all the time!

45 years

This post is also the perfect moment to start the recap of my stay, my wonderful, my amazing stay in Burgundy! I wanted to go first to Italy but as the travel was too long for the rest of the family we all agreed to move to a closer destination … initially with the risk to encounter bad weather but when you see what’s happening right now in Europe you know it’s warm … too warm! After searching on the net for a little bit I watched a documentary on television about Burgundy and I knew very quickly that this would be the place to be for me and family this summer! If you have no idea where it’s located then the map above helps you to locate … FYI it’s only 90 minutes drive from Paris.

Carte Bourgogne

A very important criteria to select the right place to stay is the swimming pool as it’s almost mandatory if you want your kids to be happy, especially when mom and day like to visit different places everyday! Finally I found a lovely B&B in the small village of Montréal (less than 200 inhabitants but a lot of history as you will see and read). Driving was easy, no traffic jam thanks to Waze and also limited highways so we could enjoy the view!

Panneau Montreal

As soon as we arrived we were all under the charm of the place … have a look for yourself! FYI some of these pictures are not mine and there are heavy filters used! (oh oh Instagram what did you do?)

Beautiful isn’t it? This place has two rooms for guests (B&B formula) but also two holiday cottages where you have your own kitchen, bathrooms and of course full access to the shared swimming pool. As my son said immediately, they are not taking care for the front view (we later learned how houses are build in France and it makes sense why …) but the inside is awesome. Kids enjoyed the piano a lot and there was another one in the barn (the central room of the whole place) where everyone can gather if they want. It was fun and really nice to meet different people almost every day as unlike us there are many people staying there for only one or two nights. The next pictures are the ones I took so this time without filter(s). You can see how « green » it is and also all these old stones giving the « Middle Age » feeling all over the place.

We also arrived the perfect day as the first evening an historical show was planned in the village (and I think at least half of the village is taking part to it). This is why you can see medieval decoration in the pictures above with the yellow and blue flags! We learned how important that place was centuries before and everything that happened to it …

As always with a holiday post it’s a long one … but do you still want a little more like a gallery of high heels? I hope so because it’s right there 😉 This time you should be able to find under every picture the original blog and post it comes from; it takes long time to prepare this but I think I now have a working solution! Happy reading, happy viewing and happy Sunday xx

65 réflexions sur “Milestones

    1. Merci beaucoup Constance, c’est moins loin que l’Australie c’est sûr mais la Bourgogne est une superbe région! Ce que confirmeront les prochains posts avec les visites que j’ai pu faire! Un très beau week-end à toi xx


  1. Congratulations! Keep up the good work! Looking foward to see your next 9900 posts! And what a great choice to have holidays in Burgundy! I see you have chosen an amazing B&B and I undestand why a swimmingpool is essential for you and your family 🙂 Thanks for sharing all the amazing impressions!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    1. Thanks a lot Rena 😉 It will be step by step … let’s plan celebration for the 2 years anniversary first 😉 Burgundy is an awesome place to stay … like this B&B! Have a great weekend and read you soon xx


  2. Happy 45th birthday. Many many happy returns! And congrats for your 100 post! Fantastic photos….Seems like you had a wonderful time on your vacation. Sometimes it is better to choose a closer location, less travelling less stress and more time for relaxing….The rooms look lovely…It’s great that your kids enjoyed the piano….and how lovely you managed to attend a historical show. I attended one in May, it was lots of fun, I really enjoyed it.

    Have a great week ahead!


    1. Hi Amber, it is beautiful and it was warm! Thanks there was a very nice swimming pool! Also big stone walls help 😉 Back at work now but my week is absolutely ok until now 😉 I hope yours as well! Ready you soon and have a lovely day xx


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