Good morning everyone and welcome to a new post! It’s Sunday morning … very cloudy here so I wanted to share some shining souvenirs with you 😉

I’m lucky (even if not everyone agrees with me) to be able to travel quite a lot for my work (and no I’m totally not in the fashion business) so last year I was invited for the second time to go for a few days in Israel.

I think for most people it’s not common to go there and I got many reactions from colleagues or friends claiming that it’s dangerous and so on. I have to say that first of all it’s a very interesting country to visit (we had the chance to have very good touristic guides) and the food there is awesome!!! Locals don’t like to cook so most of the time they go to restaurants so the offer is almost unlimited and not really expensive.

We spent a day in Jerusalem where everything was accessible but the Muslim part. It’s pretty unique to see and you learn a lot as this is probably the most historical town in the world 😉

I’ll add that for the first time I was in an hotel with a swimming pool on the roof! It gives great sensation as you can swim and see people downstairs or having a great cocktail during happy hour when everyone is still stuck in the traffic jams … privileged? Yes maybe 😉

I won’t leave you without another set of high heels pictures … I hope you’ll like them! Enjoy the day and read you soon xx

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69 réflexions sur “Isra’heel

  1. It is fantástic that you have had the oportunity to go to Israel. Certenly is a place in war but we don’t know when and where something bad is going to happen. I wonder if it’s possible that anyone could get use to live all of his life in a place in war. Enjoy Israel


    1. Hello Mer, people have that capacity to get used to all sort of situations even the worse … first time there was a little more stressful than the second time where the military presence was almost unseen where I was … but it’s indeed just an illusion. Two days after I left there was a bomb in the area where I used to eat …

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      1. Oh, luckily you were not there¡¡¡¡. Is the « unbearable lightness of being » as Milan Kundera wrote; and is terrible to understand that human could kill for his beliefs. However, try to be happy.


    1. thanks a lot and I had no doubt about the YSL … I knew it’s a perfect feet … erm fit 😉 Israel was indeed a very nice trip and I plan to enjoy it another time in a couple of years. Have a great day


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