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Hurry, hurry, hurry … or maybe Hourra is the right word as tomorrow I’m officially on holidays! I wanted to post a new article before packing and leaving for a few days, or weeks as I won’t take my computer with me! Blogs statistics will drop I know, it’s not a problem!

Before coming back from Italy and post lovely pictures from there I selected another European country to present you some blogs I follow and like: this time it’s all about France 😉 By the way it’s the national day tomorrow!

LaPenderie LOGO

Let’s start with La Penderie de Chloé which is already a 7 years old blog! Chloé is full of energy and has probably one of the most beautiful smile of the blogosphere 😉 Her style is very colorful and it’s always a great pleasure to discover her new outfits.

Let’s move on towards Mélody from La Minute Fashion who just turned 30! Happy birthday once more! Mélody has a great blog where she posts absolutely stunning pictures of her in various styles, mostly chic and classy but not only 😉 And as she almost always wears high heels this is perfect for me!

I hope you want more because I have more 😉

Camille from Jenychooz is not only a fashion blogger but also owner of a lovely bed and breakfast! She has her very own style and her outfits are always « picco bello »!

And I will finish this small overview with Lana’s blog: Good Style, Little Money. Besides the fact that Lana is a beautiful woman, she always proposes great outfits for a very limited budget. It can be sporty, chic, classy, … the results are always stunning!

Let’s conclude this post with a gallery of … guess what? High heels of course … as last time I focused on the summer queens, I will this time change a little bit and why not having a melting pot? Happy reading, enjoy holidays everyone and read you soon!

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