Holidays in Tuscany: the apartment

Casalbosco Aerial

Greetings everyone, I’m back from Tuscany 😉 Just before 5AM this morning I was home after a long trip but mostly after a fantastic stay in a wonderful place in Italy: Tuscany!

I won’t bother you with long text as the pictures will show you how great the location is. For us it was the first time we tried the « Agriturismo » formula and we are delighted with it! We had a 60 square meter apartment with 2 bedrooms; perfect the kids and us. The area of the swimming pool is shared between all guests: a great place to meet new people and enjoy a glass of the local wine at sunset 😉 I put their logo so if you want more information Google is your friend.

PS: they also have a great cellar you can visit; have parties and taste their wines 😉

Now as you can see on one picture from the gallery above there was fire in the hood behind our place and honestly it became scary on the second day! Hopefully wind finally calmed down fire was then under control thanks to the non-stop work of a Canadair and helicopters flying all day long! No pictures of food yet … be patient 😉 But of course I have a gallery of heels to propose to your eyes … enjoy and read you soon!

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86 réflexions sur “Holidays in Tuscany: the apartment

  1. Buenos Lunes mi bella!!!!! Me ha encantado el post un post super especial las fotos son preciosas!!!
    #buenosdias #lunesito #lomejordemi #bloggercubana #cubanosporelmundo #cubanblogger

    Te dejo mi post por si quieres echarle un vistazo:

    Que tengas un lindo dia y un buen comienzo de semana!!!!!


    1. Thanks a lot Miki 😉 I have to say that I enjoyed more the small villages than the big towns like Firenze and Pisa. On top of that … local food and wines are fantastic! Have a great week and read you soon xx


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