Tuscany: Firenze


As promised here is the second post about my fantastic holidays in Tuscany! It was one of the most important criteria to select the location of our apartment: close to Firenze! So it’s very logical that the first visit was there.

First advises: have some books/documentation and plan your travel in advance as it’s not simple nor easy to drive. Most of towns in Italy have now a ZTL part (limited traffic zone = only locals and tourists with an hotel authorization can drive in some parts of the city. Otherwise ANPR cameras will catch your number plate  and it will result in a fine of 150 euros) so the best think is to search an outside spot. In Firenze the most famous if the Piazzale Michelangelo (now paying but it offers a great view of the city as you can seen on the first pictures, also it give an overview of two lovely gardens: Giardino delle rose and Giardino Bardini). Did I already mention that you’ll have to practice your Italian a lot as English is not spoken by a lot of people!

While walking down to the center of the city you will also enjoy a great view of the Ponte Vecchio which is honestly the best thing to do as on the bridge itself it’s just crowded with jewelry shops 😦

Enjoy a walk in the city; finding a good place to eat and then move on to the next Piazza or monument … this town is full of treasures but you’ll need time and patience to discover most of them 😉 Yes in July the town is full of tourists …

When it’s the first time you see the Duomo it’s really impressive! So many details, so many things to see and discover … impressive, very impressive 😉

Of course there is more to come in the upcoming days but in the meanwhile I leave you with another gallery of selected high heels … enjoy and read you soon!

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    1. Thank you as well Paola! I read that some people are getting ill because of the density of all artistic monuments and paintings; there is literately something to discover every new square meter! Have a great and wonderful Sunday xx


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