Tuscany: Siena


Hello everyone and welcome to another destination in the beautiful Tuscany! In fact it’s probably one of the most beautiful city I’ve seen in years: Siena. You’ll see the evolution of the weather in the pictures! We arrived with a lovely blue sky but few hours later it was a storm above us!

Siana is full of history such as many other cities but there’s also a lot of pride from the inhabitants here and the most known related event linked to this behavior is the Palio. The Palio is a horse race held twice a year where ten of the seventeen « contrade » will be represented and will have to ride 3 times around the famous « Piazza del Campo ». This is almost unique in the world and as you can imagine it’s a more than crowded event!

Fortunately for us tourists there are a lot of events organized so no worry you have many opportunities to discover the charms of the city. Something stunning is the noise around and once you are on the Piazza del Campo: as it’s not flat at all the sounds’ echo and reverb is unique. When the storm started we were almost the only one standing there and the feeling was great 😉

Let’s have a small but usual word about food 😉 We went to a very small restaurant near the Piazza del Campo and for a guess it was a great one! The meals were delicious, 100% typical local food and almost next door we found a pastry where everything was more than delicious! Shame on some tourists we saw who left the place because they had the impression it was not « chic » enough … don’t judge by appearance!!!

One more positive thing about Siena is the very well organized car spots to let your car just outside the old city walls! We arrived in the university area and we had the chance to hear students performing piano and lyrics!

After a walk in the town we arrived in front of the Duomo and again it was magical! Fantastic building to visit (tip of the day: take the ticket including the library visit: it’s « just one room » but what room! Have a look at the pictures I took while walking (you’re not authorized to stop because there are too many people but anyway I have a good camera I think 😉 This church is simply amazing!

Time now to show you some selected pair of heels 😉 Enjoy and read you soon!

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54 réflexions sur “Tuscany: Siena

  1. Tuscany is one of our future destinations that me and my husband want to see. I have been to Florence but not to other parts of Tuscay. Siena looks beautiful as I have heard it is. Thank you for sharing the photos and the amazing shoes of course 🙂


  2. I visited Siena already a few times and liked this beautiful town always. The food you show here makes my month watering 🙂 How good the choice of the restaurant turned out as such a good one – yes, never judge only due to the appearance! Love also the heels, thanks for this beautiful post.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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