The Clash

___ The Clash

Yes I know it’s not in my habit to start a post like this but I’m angry; even more than that in fact and it has nothing to do with my private or professional life no; it’s just about « How (some) people are messing up with the net ».

Let me explain. I wrote many times that this blog is for fun: mine and yours. There’s no specific goal or target, no financial ambition, no ranking, no competition. So I have a serious problem when some people are getting in touch with me very aggressively and even threatening me.

Of course it’s a very little minority, it’s even far from 0.1% (do you know I like statistics?) but it’s the kind of things that make me think and realize how stupid some people can be and also how I’m unhappy how Internet evolved since its « public » beginning.

Because yes, I’m old and sometime wise (my sense of humor is not totally gone) … and an Internet user since 1991; many many years before Google and Facebook, when Microsoft had no idea nor plan about that « thing », HTTP just born and having more than 16 colors on a screen was awesome (at that time 256 colors was a miracle, I let you imagine the price I paid when I bought my first 16 million colors video card!)

I had a blog when the word blog was not even existing 🙂 And it was very successful as the joke from my colleagues was: « We know how to speed up Internet 10 times … by disconnecting you ».

And today, a big 25 years later it’s just a run for clicks; likes and retweet … and it’s a very aggressive run, mostly coming from the famous generation Z. Many are unable to communicate, to exchange but with their smartphones (see the great picture below).

___ gen Z

Is this life? If you read my previous posts you already know that I like many things in life: nature, communication, exchanges … so my personal answer is NO! (and the funny think is that my job makes me hyper-connected! But I know how to handle …)

So honestly I don’t know what I’m going to do. I was happy because this blog will soon reach 100 articles (thanks WordPress for using that great word) which is pretty cool, I wanted to celebrate that. Now I am thinking about closing it after that hundredth post. I will think about it … while being disconnected as holidays are coming. Of course I won’t go to a place where « Instagrammers » have their spots … I am going with my family to a less than 200 people village in the middle of nowhere … but in a fantastic house and location. We’ll walk, we’ll ride horses, we’ll swim, we’ll discover fantastic inhabitants and share drinks and food with them … in fact we’ll live … far from the net 🙂

Thanks for reading me and happy Friday!

42 réflexions sur “The Clash

  1. I am disgusted with how people think today. They think just because they can type it on the internet and reach millions of people that their opinion matters. I appreciate your site, I was especially happy with the Paris post. I had just recently returned from there and t was nice to see some of the same things from someone else’s perspective. The high heels are a bonus. Do you always show ones I like, no ! Do I complain, no ! Why, because I am one of many, so I just keep it to myself because I know I am not the majority and this is for fun, why ruin it ?? Thank you and I hope you stay !!


    1. Thanks Alex for your honest and frank feedback 😉 I try to evacuate all negative influence and focus on what’s nice for me and we’ll see 😉 So there should be more updates soon … I won’t travel before end of August so right now topics are a little bit different 😉 Have a great day and thanks once more.


  2. Sorry that you have had some meanness your way! I do hate how connected to electronics we all are sometimes and glad that you can disconnect. I hope you can forget about it and enjoy your holiday with your family.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


  3. Wow, almost 100 posts! That’s awesome! Enjoy your vacation and have a great time. As I have learned in life, do things that are meaningful to you and because you have fun with it. Time is fleeting and you don’t want to look back and say gee I wish I could or I wish I didn’t. Blogging has pros and cons and only you can decide what you want to do, don’t let others actions make it for you, you know?

    Maureen |


  4. I do agree. Social networks & blogging is increasingly turning into a run for clicks and there is some very aggressive marketing going on. Moreover, you’re right about people losing communicating skills. I’ve read that the generation of our grandfathers had a much better vocabulary than we do. Being an avid reader and lover of old documentaries & films, I I can testify to that. When I read old novels I’m always amazed by the beauty of the language. There are great writers today as well, but it is like the beauty of many languages is slowly evaporating….not to say anything of manners and politeness. Even mature people are starting to sound like teenagers and teenagers are starting to sound like a subculture. I don’t think the internet is the only one to blame but it certainly can contribute to the problem. I, for one, have no idea what most emoticons are supposed to mean. People just pile them one on top of the other leaving me clueless for what they are meant to mean. I can understand what a smiley means but all those icons they have nowadays? No way. Plus, there are definitely some very rude people online. I think that people are becoming increasingly lonely today for a number of factors and bad communicative skills are certainly a part of the problem. There are way too many generic comments out there, and people are forgetting the importance of listening.


    1. Thanks for your comment Ivana and I think we share the same opinion on this subject. Just to add a little thing: when reading or watching news it’s also a pity to read or hear so many mistakes … and « they » will try to explain this by a « normal evolution » … when I was a teenager I had one hour of French just to improve vocabulary because there are many almost similar ways to say something … but with subtle differences …. today if I try to use those words … people are looking at me like if I am a weirdo! Have a great week xx


  5. So sorry that you had to encounter some meaness. I don’t understand why people take the time to be so hurtful. DOn’t let them get to you and continue to do what you love to do. If continuing this blog makes you happy, you should do it. If not, then stop. I do agree that social media is overly saturated these days. Congrats on reaching 100 posts!!


  6. I am so sorry that you have experienced the dark site of the web. I hope you reconsider because I enjoy what you share. But I completely understand if you choose to stop. Please enjoy your time and so glad you are taking that needed break from here. The real problem is with them and they are trying to spread their hate to others. I will pray for you my friend. XO


  7. I am sorry that you have been receiving angry emails and all the negativity! But please ignore it, don’t let it stop you from enjoying your little fun space over the internet! I hope your family vacation brings you happiness and peace!
    I am back after a month long hiatus, hope you’ve been well! Missed reading your posts! 🙂
    Ankita Bardhan | Real Girl Talks


  8. Hello my dear, I’m very sorry you expierenced these unpleasant thing. But not only because you are an Internet-User nearly from the first hour on I hope you’ll nevertheless continue your blog as I like you and your blog! Congratulations to 100 posts and have very happy holidays. What you plan sounds amazing and I think mean people don’t deserve any attention.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  9. These untimely people are « Haters » and sadly the only pleasure they have in their lives is writing nasty messages and critisizing people they don’t even know. They always justify themselves as « having an opinion » but the jealousy seeps from their pores and perpertrates the screen. I think you have a great blog and would be sad to see it close down. Have a lovely holiday.



  10. It is unfortunate that you are feeling this way. I think we all go through this moment, and I found that the best way is to just remind yourself that you are doing this for you, as an outlet to express yourself. I get stuck too with the shallowness of Instagram and get caught up in it, and I always have to pull myself and remind myself that I started blogging to get away from the every day life. I hope you find your motivation again!

    Lesley Kim


  11. I’m sad that this is so true but I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks like this. I have a love/hate relationship with IG. I love sharing my photos with the world but I hate that most people seem to only care about the numbers and not the community. Something similar happens with blogs and it makes me so sad. I also do it for the creativity not the money so I’ll just keep doing what I like and not think too much about those who are ruining it.
    I do hope you keep on blogging!


    1. You’re far from being the only one to think like this Cristina 😉 But we don’t belong to the category making the big noise … a little sad but hard to change unfortunately. I keep on posting, trying to ignore anything negative that could affect me. Have a great day and keep it up xx


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